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Howdy Ya'll!

My name is Carson Lewis, and I'm a journalist that has been published in publications like the Baylor Lariat and has written about a variety of topics, most notably the rise in political extremism in North America. 

I expanded into video and broadcast media during my college career at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and graduate in December 2021. 

Outside of work I enjoy hiking, playing tabletop roleplaying games and supporting London-based football club Tottenham Hotspur.

Please feel free to take a look around at my portfolio. I have a contact page if you'd like to reach out to me, I'll try to respond within 48 hours. 

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My Story

I've been passionate about media studies since high school. Then, I said I wanted to be a journalist at a brick-and-mortar newspaper. Well, those sure are doing well, aren't they? I started to focus on more multimedia journalistic content after becoming an upperclassman, and worked with my student newspaper to develop their online presence and website-specific content. I have really enjoyed working on video content, and hope to expand more into that creative direction after graduation. Storytelling and creative performance have always been interests of mine, and it's great to be in a career that allows me to explore those interests.

Carson (Center) sits in the KZTV studio at Kravis Children's Hospital.
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My Favorite Written Pieces

A collection of what I believe showcases my best work

The Sharp Cursor's Edge

An opinion piece I wrote for the Lariat, this work dives into the dark places a high school or college student can find themselves in. I know I've been there, so I wanted to share this story so others know they're not alone.


Baylor social media ready to adapt if TikTok is removed from app stores

This article was published around the time of former President Trump's interest in removing TikTok from the app store. I localized the story, interviewing Baylor's social media team that had just started making content on the app.

Fast Food on Fountain Mall

What's more important to a writer than his audience? My audience at Baylor was primarily students, and I wrote this fun opinion piece for their growling college stomachs, trying to be comedic and entertaining.

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Video Projects

I've learned a lot of video skills in my upperclassman years at Baylor producing two short films, "The Werefather", a story about a college student that turns into a dad at night, and "The Fortune", a film about a girl anxious over a fortune teller alerts her of danger in her future. If I'm being honest, neither is very good. The video to the right is a small project I worked on to present to my family regarding our heritage, and it's one that I'm proud of it, even if the effects could use some work.

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